A verbal warning even when approaching a victim… Poor personal protection ‘anxiety’


As crimes against persons subject to police protection continue to rise, voices for system improvement are also growing. There has been a report that a woman who was given police protection because of a man next door was put in a more anxious situation due to poor measures.

Reporter Hyung-woo Hyung on the sidewalk.

A woman, who lives in Gyeonggi-do, experienced a man next door breaking into her house at dawn in February of last year, crossing the balcony of her apartment.

Mo, who was arrested, was also charged with assaulting a neighbor and sentenced to two years and six months in prison.

However, due to a chronic illness, the arrest execution was suspended three times, each for more than a fortnight and a month at the longest.

Every time the arrest execution was stopped, the noise of living was heard from the empty next door, and Mr. A, who was subject to personal protection, pressed the smart watch.

The police were called, but only passive measures were taken, such as ringing the bell next door.

[A 씨/피해자 : 경찰분들은 더 이상 그 사람이 나를 칼로 찌른다든가 상해를 입히기 전까지 어떻게 해 줄 수 있는 방법이 없는 거죠.]

On the 14th, Mr. A, who felt suspicious of popularity again, reported it, but this time the police came and ran into Mr. Yoo, who was leaving the apartment.

The police only gave Yoo a verbal warning not to come home.

Afterwards, the court found that he had violated the conditions of suspension of execution and issued an arrest warrant, but Yoo escaped.

[A 씨/피해자 : 재판부가 이 사람 도망가게끔 시간을 벌어준 거밖에 더 돼요? 지금은 더 위험해진 거잖아요.]

In order to prevent crimes against persons subject to personal protection, effective measures such as expanding the prohibition order and utilizing the location information of the perpetrator are required.


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