15,000 more Omicron infections in one day in the UK… Maintain 90,000 new confirmed cases


An ambulance in London, England

In the UK, 15,000 new cases of Omicron, a new strain of COVID-19, were added per day, while the total number of new cases remained at 90,000.

The British Health and Safety Agency (HSA) announced that 15,363 Omicron mutations were added yesterday (21st) local time, raising the total to 65,508.

The previous day, 8,44 cases were added, which almost doubled.

There are 96,29 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day, keeping the level at 90,000.

The vaccination rate for the population over 12 years old was 89.6% for the 1st dose, 81.9% for the 2nd dose, and 52% for the booster dose as of yesterday.

Meanwhile, Scotland announced a plan to strengthen quarantine regulations, such as canceling New Year’s events, including the Edinburgh Street Torch Parade, and allowing soccer matches to be played without spectators.

Also, from the 26th, outdoor events are limited to 500 people for at least three weeks, while indoor events can accommodate up to 200 people sitting and 100 people standing.

However, we decided not to limit the number of gatherings on Christmas Day.

The omicron mutation rate in Scotland is estimated to be 63%.

Scottish Authority Chief Nicola Sturgeon said there was still no evidence that the omicron mutation was weaker than the previous mutation.

It is still unclear whether England’s quarantine regulations will be strengthened.

Scientists’ warnings continue as Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed to reach a conclusion at a cabinet meeting the day before.

The Sun reports that Prime Minister Johnson will announce within 48 hours whether to introduce a temporary lockdown.

On the other hand, Professor Paul Hunter at the University of East Anglia said that the omicron mutation epidemic appears to have already peaked and that a containment is unlikely to be necessary.

Due to the spread of the Omicron mutation, reservations for restaurants and concert halls have been canceled one after another during the peak season of the year, and public transportation services such as railways are also being disrupted.

The BBC reported last week, citing Rail Delivery Group, that rail service cancellations were double the average at 5.2%.

Musical maestro Andrew Lloyd Webber has announced that his new Cinderella show will be suspended until February next year.

The British government announced on the same day that it would provide an additional £1 billion to businesses in industries such as restaurants and hotels that have suffered significant damage from Omicron mutations, about 1.508 trillion won.

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