You snooze, you lose! Those who get up at this time are most successful


Optimal wake-up time
Those who get up at this time are most successful

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According to a survey, people who set their alarm clock at a specific time are the most productive and satisfied. But be careful: it’s pretty early …

Hand on heart: are you one of those people who jump up when the alarm goes off, or do you prefer to press the snooze button a few more times and get out of bed later? A survey has now revealed that people who wake up very early are more productive, more successful and, overall, more satisfied with their lives.

Good news for early risers: this is the perfect time to get up

American mattress manufacturer Amerisleep has one among more than 1,000 people opinion poll carried out at their wake-up times, their success and their satisfaction with life. The result: people who set their alarm clock between four and seven o’clock are happier and more satisfied with their quality of life than those who wake up later. In terms of health, sleep quality and social life, the early risers group has the best values.

If you have big plans, four o’clock seems to be the best wake-up time. Because according to the polls, people who get up at 4 a.m. do best when it comes to productivity. 71 percent of them feel “very productive”. For comparison: in the eleven o’clock group it is only 36 percent.

And getting up early also pays off when it comes to finances. Because the income of people who jump out of bed at four in the morning is on average twice as high as that of people who don’t get up until ten, eleven or twelve o’clock.

Why are early risers happier inside?

The study does not show a clear causal relationship for these results. But they are probably related to the productivity factor, with the fact that people who get up early can do more during the day than others who don’t start their morning until later.

Before you set the alarm clock for four o’clock, however, you should first ask yourself whether getting up this early corresponds to your biorhythm at all. For those who tend to belong to the owls, getting up later and going to bed later are not only healthier, but in the end also more productive and more satisfying. It doesn’t have to be eleven o’clock.

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