The latest trends in wedding dresses in 2022


09:00 am

Monday 20 December 2021


Keren Wiesner, of the German Wedding Planners Association, said that wedding dresses in 2022 are highlighting the sleeves, as the dresses grab the attention with puffed sleeves, which suggests luxury and pomp.

Wiesner added that removable sleeves are very popular this season, noting that they give the dress a changing and renewed character, according to what was reported by the Emirati 24 website.

Wiesner pointed out that wedding dresses sparkle with a high leg opening, giving them a bold character that reveals the bride’s femininity.

The bridal suit is also one of the strong trends this season, and is primarily suitable for the bride with a practical personality.

As for the colors, the fashion for wedding dresses this season is in great demand for cream, champagne and pastel shades like pink, in addition to classic white.

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