The 3rd Zone did not get any benefits despite the pressure of the candidates from both parties every day, why?


[주영진의 뉴스브리핑]

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■ Broadcast: SBS Mon~Fri (14:00~16:00)

■ Progress: Anchor Joo Young-jin

■ Conversation: Park Sang-hyeok, Democratic lawmaker, Lee Sang-il, former lawmaker, Yoon Chun-ho, SBS editorial member


● 3rd candidate ‘family risk’ pressure

Park Sang-hyuk / Member of the Democratic Party

“Ahn Cheol-soo, expected to unite with the power of the people… The verification body under the National Election Commission is unrealistic”

Lee Sang-il / Former Member

“Unification of the 3rd Zone, the synergy will be minimal… There may be a stray support group”

Yun Chun-ho / SBS Editorial Board member

“The 3rd Zone, there is no candidate with an approval rating of 10%… Lack of freshness of candidates”

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