‘Sulganghwa’, controversy over denigrating the democratization movement… Another 200,000 people’s petition


A national petition demanding the suspension of the airing of JTBC’s drama ‘Solganghwa’ has gained 200,000 signatures.

On the 19th, a netizen petitioned for the suspension of the airing of ‘Seollganghwa’ and said, “During the democratization movement, there are obviously victims of the movement rights who were tortured and killed as spies without any basis. I think that it is clearly undermining the value of the democratization movement.”

The petition surpassed 200,000 in just one day. In March, after the synopsis of ‘Solganghwa’ was leaked, there was a movement to stop the production of ‘Solganghwa’ online.

In the second petition, the author said, “The drama has already caused a lot of controversy by disclosing the democratization movement by revealing its synopsis before it aired. The lead setting does not exist anywhere in the script’, but in the current drama where episode 1 was aired, the female lead misunderstood the male protagonist, a spy, as an activist and saved her.”

He continued, “Not only that, but when the male protagonist, who is a spy, ran away, and the sub-male, who was a security guard, was chasing after him, ‘Solah, Green Solah’ was played as background music. This song was used during the student movement during the democratization movement It is a song that emphasizes the suffering and victory of those who do it, and it is unacceptable to use such a song as the background music for those who played the Ministry of Security and Security in the 1980s and those who played spies.”

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)


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