Song Jong-guk, the reason to live in a farmhouse of 5 pyeong in Pyeongtaek… “Jia + Jiwook want to be the foundation for dreams”


Former national soccer player Song Jong-guk revealed why he lives in a 5-pyeong farmhouse in Pyeongtaek.

Song Jong-guk appeared on TV Chosun’s ‘Star Documentary My Way’, which aired on the 19th, and confessed that he lived in a farmhouse in Pyeongtaek, and was living alone at a house in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, 2-3 days a week.

Previously, Song Jong-guk lived in a house in the mountains in Hongcheon, where there are few people, and said, “I wanted to forget the noisy days of the past.”

It is known that the reason he built a farm in Pyeongtaek and prepared for a new life was to reopen youth soccer classes.

Song Jong-guk said, “I wanted to make this place feel comfortable and wonderful, so I set up a place with a view of the reservoir and the mountain.” He boasted, “The accommodation is 5 pyeong, and it’s like a security room, and it’s really good to clean.”

The reason Song Jong-guk is returning as a leader is for his children who are walking the path of an athlete similar to himself.

He said, “The way to repay the love I received while playing soccer is to teach children well.” “The reason I put the ball down and then picked it up again is that Ji-wook wants to play soccer. It was my heart, but I want to be the foundation for Jia, who walks the path of golf, and Jiwook, who dreams of becoming a soccer player.”

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)

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