Shim Seok-hee’s participation in the Beijing Olympics, tomorrow’s outline… baseline?


Can Shim Seok-hee (Seoul City Hall), one of the main players in the short track women’s national team ‘two carriages’, step on the stage of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?

The Korea Skating Federation will hold a sports fair committee (reward and punishment committee) at the Olympic Park Federation conference room in Songpa-gu, Seoul tomorrow (21st) to decide whether and how severe Shim Suk-hee will be disciplined.

The key is the level of disciplinary action against Shim Suk-hee.

The deadline for submitting the final entries for the International Skating Union (ISU) short track Olympic teams for each country is January 24 next year.

The Korea Sports Council will receive an entry from the Federation on January 23 and submit it on the 24th.

If Shim Suk-hee receives a suspension of one month or less, he can narrowly enter the short track national team entry.

However, if the suspension is longer than two months, Shim Suk-hee will miss the opportunity to compete in the Beijing Olympics.

Even if Shim Suk-hee receives a suspension of qualifications from the Federation for more than two months, there is a way to get relief.

The method of requesting a retrial to the Sports Fair Committee of the Korea Sports Association, which is a higher institution, and an application for an injunction to suspend the effect at the court.

Shim Suk-hee’s side is highly likely to choose legal action.

The next sports fair committee of the Korea Sports Council is scheduled for 2:00 pm on January 14th.

If Shim Suk-hee receives a disciplinary action for more than two months from suspension of qualifications even by the Sports Fair Committee of the Korea Sports Council, the time to respond is very short.

An official from Shim Suk-hee said, “We are considering various ways to respond according to the results of the Ice Skating Federation Fair Committee.”

Meanwhile, Shim Seok-hee was recently investigated by the Korea Skating Federation Investigation Committee for leaked mobile messenger contents.

Shim Suk-hee exchanged a private message with coach A of the national team at the time of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, which caused a controversy because it included content that he intentionally knocked down teammate Choi Min-jeong (Seongnam City Hall).

In addition, there was a content that he was abusive and gossiping towards the coaches and fellow players, and that he was going to record illegally.

The content of the message became known when Cho Jae-beom, former coach of the national team, disclosed the data obtained during the trial to the media.

Former coach Jo Jae-beom was recently sentenced to 13 years in prison for sexually assaulting Shim Suk-hee 27 times over three years.

The Federation Investigation Committee investigated the contents of Shim Suk-hee’s message for about a month, and there was clear evidence of allegations of intentional clashes at the Pyeongchang Olympics, illegal wiretapping of players’ locker rooms, and allegations of match-fixing at the 2016 International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup and the 2017 Asian Winter Games in Sapporo. announced that it could not find .

However, regarding the coach’s abusive language and demeaning behavior, it was confirmed as the truth, and Shim Seok-hee also admitted it.

As Shim Suk-hee admitted the act, the reason for the disciplinary action is clear.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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