Police sent to prosecutors for ‘Cho Doo-soon’s blunt weapon assault’


Ansan Danwon Police Station in Gyeonggi-do was arrested and sent to the prosecution today (20th), who is charged with hitting Cho with a blunt weapon after entering the house of a child sex offender Jo Doo-soon.

Mr. A is accused of injuring his head (special injury) by drinking a bottle of soju around 8:50 pm on the 16th, visiting Mr. Cho’s residence and having an argument with Mr. Cho.

Person A was a daily worker working at a distribution center in Gyeonggi-do, and on February 9 of this year, he tried to enter his house carrying a bag with a weapon, saying that he would punish Mr.

After being arrested for this crime, the police said, “I was angry about the sex crime that Mr. Cho had done, and I went to the house with the intention of instilling fear.” said.

Cho was hospitalized with a part of his head torn, and it is said that there are no serious injuries.

The blunt weapon wielded by Mr. A was investigated as being in Mr. Jo’s house, and there are mixed statements about who first lifted the blunt weapon.

Mr. Cho stated, “Mr. A came into the house with abusive language and then found and wielded a blunt instrument.” Mr. A claims that “It was Mr. Cho who picked up the blunt first.”

In addition, during the initial police investigation, Mr. Cho said, “Mr. A introduced himself as a police officer and knocked on the front door,” but later changed his statement, saying, “Someone kept knocking on the front door without saying anything and opened the door knowing it was a police officer.” it was said to be.

A police official said, “As the two sides have differing opinions as to who lifted the blunt first, it seems that the facts will have to be revealed through a later trial.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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