New era preparation committee, ‘feminist’ Shin Ji-ye, born in 1990


Shin Ji-ye, a representative of the Korean Women’s Political Network, a female activist in her 30s, joined the presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol of People’s Power on the 20th.

As an organization directly under the candidate, the New Era Preparation Committee, led by former Democratic Party leader Kim Han-gil, today hired Shin Ji-ye, president of the Korean Women’s Political Network, as senior vice-chairman.

As the 2030 generation has emerged as the casting boat for this election, it seems to be a dimension to target the votes of Lee Dae-nyeo.

Candidate Yoon and Chairman Kim Han-gil held a reception welcome ceremony for CEO Shin in the new era preparation committee chairperson’s office in Daeha Building, Yeouido this morning.

Candidate Yoon gave Shin a red scarf, and Chairman Kim delivered a bouquet of flowers.

Chairman Kim smiled at Candidate Yoon and said, “Shin Ji-ye is a senior in politics,” and Yoon responded, “That’s right.”

Shin started his political career as a representative of the Korea Youth Association in 2004, ran for the National Assembly election in 2016 (Green Party proportional representative No. 5), ran for Seoul mayor in 2018 (Green Party), ran for the 21st National Assembly election in 2020 (independent), etc. I ran for election one after another.

He also ran as an independent in the last April 7 Seoul mayoral by-election.

I was born in 1990 and I am 31 years old this year.

CEO Shin said at today’s recruitment welcome ceremony, “Candidate Yoon promised to solve violence against women, respond to the climate crisis, and make a Republic of Korea that moves beyond the left and right, so we decided to do it together.”

After the welcome ceremony, she announced on Facebook that she would resign as the representative of the Korean Women’s Politics Network, and said, “I have decided to become a member of the New Era Preparation Committee and stand on the road to creating a world with Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol.”

“The first goal of the New Era Preparation Committee is regime change, and the second goal is a world beyond regime change in which the politics of symbiosis, not the winner-take-all, take place.”

He said, “The current administration and the Democratic Party have stolen the future of young people with real estate policies, robbed young people of the right to at least live in the country’s ‘Dad Chance’ incident, and the lives of young women through sexual exploitation of Park Won-soon, Ahn Hee-jung, and Oh Keo-don. I trampled on it,” he sharply criticized the passport.

Shin is well known as a ‘feminist’.

People's Power New Era Preparation Committee, 'feminist' Shin Ji-ye, born in 1990 (Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)
Recently, he also criticized his YouTube channel for not reflecting women’s voices well in politics.

He said, “Why aren’t the presidential candidates interested in women’s votes? The recent political backlash started with the People’s Power Party leader Lee Jun-seok, and in the process of the first party leader in his 30s being elected, a community site called ‘Femco’ has made a great contribution,” he pointed out, pointing out that the online community mainly used by men in their 2030s is the basis for Lee’s support.

He aimed at ‘Femco’ (Efem Korea) on the YouTube channel, saying, “Feminism that started in Megalia is male-hating and supremacist, and has created a flow that promotes gender conflict and demeans men.” It was made like this,” he repeatedly criticized the CEO.

For this reason, inside and outside the party, along with the current of backlash centered on Lee’s supporters, there are even rumors that the recruitment of the new representative will become a spark of gender conflict.

As if conscious of this, at the welcome ceremony, Candidate Yoon said, “If we have slightly different opinions, the people will turn away from each other by engaging in an extreme struggle.” I think,” he said.

Chairman Kim said, “In the new era, the energy of the new president toward new politics is hot. Even if you go nearby, you can always feel that energy radiating out.” Hearing this slogan, Jiye Shin really liked her, and it was an opportunity to decide, ‘If that’s the case, then we can do it together’.”

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)

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