“Myanmar military retaliates for genocide of civilians in rebel resistance”


▲ Myanmar rebel protesters

Myanmar’s military regime in a coup d’état has massacred about 40 civilians in retaliation for resistance from rebel forces, the BBC reported.

The BBC reported that the massacre of civilians took place on four occasions in July in Kani District, a rebel base in central Myanmar’s Sagaing region.

A comparison of the statements of 11 Kanigu residents with cell phone videos and photos collected by the British-based human rights group ‘Myanmar Witness’ showed that the largest massacre took place in the village of ‘In’.

At least 14 men in the village died after being tortured or beaten while chained and their bodies dumped in wooded ditches.

Prior to the genocide, clashes between the military and the Civil Defense Forces, a civilian militant group demanding the restoration of democracy, continued for months in the Sagaing region.

The BBC reported that the massacres in various parts of the village appear to have been carried out in retaliation.

It also reported that the Myanmar military did not deny this fact.

“If the Civil Defense Forces treat us as enemies, we have the right to protect ourselves,” military government spokesman Jo Min Thun told the BBC.

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