“Looking around, pouring garbage and swiping through the pay-as-you-go bag”


A woman was caught looking through a food bag, throwing away the garbage inside and stealing only the volume-based system bag.

On the 17th, a netizen posted on an online community requesting help.

The author said that he had thrown out the garbage the day before, but a woman appeared about 10 minutes later and threw out the garbage inside and disappeared with only the volume-based system bag.

The writer who secured the CCTV containing all of this situation contacted the ward office, but was instructed to contact the police station because taking the volume-based bag constitutes theft. He returned and complained of frustration.

Then, when the incident became public, a notice came from the ward office saying, ‘I will attach a warning sign and help you observe the scene’, and the police also said that ‘it is possible to file a case’.

The author additionally posted that the CCTV video was delivered as evidence along with the incident.

In March last year, in Busan, a woman was charged with dumping garbage in a volume-rate-based bag and stealing two 75-liter volume-based bags and was sentenced to a fine of 500,000 won.

(Screen source: Baby Dream)


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