Lee Jae-myung “Complete, full, and pre-compensation… We have prepared a 100 trillion won support plan”


Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung emphasized compensation in advance, saying, “The method of replenishing after damage has occurred may be similar to providing food after death.”

Candidate Lee said at a meeting with a self-employed victim organization held at the Federation of Small and Medium Businesses in Yeouido on the afternoon of the 20th, “Compensation should not be partial, but full compensation, and not all should be compensated. We need to focus on financial support,” he said.

Regarding the government’s support policy, Candidate Lee said, “The cost that the national community should bear is passed on to the individual and the individual has to bear it.” It is said that 200 trillion won is supported by 1 million won per business.

Candidate Lee mentioned that People’s Power Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol and General Election Commission Chairman Kim Jong-in mentioned 50 trillion won and 100 trillion won, respectively, and asked for cooperation in providing necessary support right away to prove the sincerity of the proposal. urged.

In particular, he criticized Candidate Yoon, saying, “Unfortunately, because I was engrossed in making flaws, it is going into a political struggle.”

Candidate Lee said, “There is a plan for how to support 100 trillion won internally. We are not disclosing it,” he said.

Regarding the vaccine pass issue, Candidate Lee said, “It cannot be said that it is completely unfair to apply a kind of incentive or penalty, but realistic damage occurs.” Whether or not to let it go is a very sensitive issue.”

Candidate Lee also said at a press conference for the announcement of pledges related to small business owners and self-employed people at the Democratic Party of Yeouido previously held, “It is very regrettable that economic bureaucrats, who were engulfed in accidents in the past high-growth era, continue to take measures in a way that ignores the sacrifice of the people.” criticized

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)


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