Late night entertainment establishments caught in Jeju… 33 people including owners and customers arrested


On the first day of enforced social distancing, an entertainment establishment in Jeju that locked the door and opened secretly until dawn was caught.

The Jeju National Police Agency announced that it had caught a certain entertainment bar in Yeondong, Jeju-si, that was operating secretly with the door locked at around 3:30 a.m. the day before (18th).

The police received a report that the business was still open at night and started cracking down.

The police forcefully opened the back door of the business and entered the store and booked 33 people, including the owner and customers, for violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

In accordance with the guidelines for strengthening social distancing, entertainment facilities are only open until 9:00 p.m.

(Photo=Provided by Jeju National Police Agency, Yonhap News)

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