Jang Dong-min reveals his beautiful bride… “6 years younger + family personality”


Comedian Dongmin Jang (42) revealed the face of the new bride.

On the 19th, through a live broadcast on YouTube right before the wedding, Jang Dong-min expressed his regret that he invited only a few acquaintances and family to Jeju Island due to Corona 19, and expressed his gratitude, saying, “I will live a happy life.”

Along with this, Jang Dong-min also released a wedding photo. In the photo, next to Dong-Min Jang, a beautiful bride was wearing a gorgeous dress and smiling brightly. A relaxed and relaxed bride’s smile is impressive.

Earlier, Jang Dong-min explained about the bride, “He is a non-celebrity who is 6 years younger than me, and an acquaintance who came to play golf with my younger brother and wife.” Also, regarding the bride’s personality, she expressed satisfaction by saying, “It was very family-friendly and took good care of my parents. It’s a rare style.”

Jang Dong-min got married on the 19th, and Ongdal-sem members such as Yoo Sang-moo and Yoo Se-yoon attended the wedding ceremony.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)


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