“It’s a mask!” I was kicked out for crying while wearing women’s underwear… something like this


In the United States, a man was evicted after boarding a plane wearing women’s underwear over his face instead of a mask.

On the 15th local time, a man who boarded a flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA to Washington, was sitting proudly with a red female underwear covering his nose and mouth instead of a mask.

The flight attendant, who saw this, asked to wear a mask properly, but the man insisted, ‘I covered my nose and mouth according to the guidelines announced by the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration, so my underwear is also suitable for a mask’.

The US Transportation Safety Administration’s guidelines mentioned by the man follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s standards, but of course underwear does not meet the mask standards.

Eventually, after a fight, the man had to get off the plane just before takeoff.

Later, in an interview with a local media, he criticized it as ‘It is absurd to force people to wear a mask while allowing eating and drinking on the plane’.

He also made an absurd claim that ‘I’ve worn an underwear mask on an airplane before,’ and ‘I was kicked out of the plane then, but I think underwear acts as a mask’.

(Screen source: Twitter Channing Frampton)


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