‘Hyo-ri Lee’s husband’ Lee Sang-soon turns out to be a ‘Korean beef spoon (?)’ from a wealthy family


Singer Lee Hyori’s husband Lee Sang-soon earned nicknames ‘Korean beef spoon (?)’ and ‘gold saucer’ due to her unexpected wealth.

Rain and Noh Hong-cheol’s travel variety ‘Food and Hairy’, which was first released on Netflix on the 11th, featured Hyo-ri Lee and Sang-soon Lee as guests in the first episode. On this day, Lee Hyori picked up her husband Lee Sang-soon, Noh Hong-cheol, and Rain, who arrived at Jeju International Airport, and the four of them had various conversations while eating hamburgers in the car.

Lee Hyo-ri mentioned that Rain and No Hong-cheol had been to Busan earlier and asked, “Did you say that you went to Busan and went to Sang-soon’s brother’s and uncle’s meat restaurant?” Rain and Noh Hong-cheol said, “I was surprised. I didn’t know you would run such a large company,” but Lee Sang-soon calmly explained, “Our maternal grandfather used to do it. We lived there almost every summer with Lee Hyori.”

The restaurant was previously run by Lee Sang-soon’s maternal grandfather, but is now inherited by Lee Sang-soon’s maternal uncle. Haeundae is popular with tourists, and the branch located in Manhattan, New York, USA was also named one of New York’s top 10 restaurants by the New York Times.

In response, netizens commented, “The store is not just a restaurant, it should be viewed as a company.” “There was a reason for Lee Sang-soon’s leisurely leisure.” The reaction was surprising. Also, there were many netizens who gave pleasant nicknames such as ‘meat sauce’, ‘gold spoon’, and ‘eat spoon’.

Hyori Lee and Lee Sang-soon got married in Jeju Island in 2013 and have been living in Jeju. Previously, Hyori Lee appeared on ‘Food and Furry’ and talked about her marriage with Lee Sang-soon, saying, “We met like fate. We had a good time and had a good time. There is no free time.” ‘He said,'” he showed off his candid joke.

'Hyo-ri Lee's husband' Lee Sang-soon turns out to be a 'Korean beef spoon (?)' from a wealthy family
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