How is she after the birth?


Gulcan Kamps
How is she after the birth?

Gülcan Kamps enjoys her time as a mother.

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Moderator Gülcan Kamps looks back on the first week with her newborn child on Instagram.

Gülcan Kamps (39) describes on Instagramhow she experienced the first few days as a new mother. On a photo with little baby shoes, she wrote to the new addition to the family: “The first week with you at home was the most beautiful of my life. I could look at you for hours and I am infinitely grateful that you chose me to be your mommy.”

The feeling about his child is very difficult to put into words and “I was always told that I can only understand these emotions when I am a mother one day. And it is 100 percent true,” explains Kamps. She couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful and her child was the greatest thing she could hold in her arms. “I will never let go of you, my little baby, no matter how big you get (and since you’re very much like dad, you get huge)”, Kamps concludes.

Gülcan Kamps: “We love you Baby Kamps”

“Welcome, my darling”: With these words, the TV presenter announced six days ago on Instagramthat she became a mother. She also posted a picture showing her baby bump under a cream-colored dress. “This picture was taken a few hours before you were born and made us the happiest parents in the world,” she wrote. “We love you Baby Kamps”.

It is the first child for the presenter. The baby’s father, about whom no further information is available yet, is her husband Sebastian Kamps (39). The couple has been married since 2007. Gülcan Kamps announced in June that she is pregnant.


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