“Donation to single-parent families”… ‘Single Mom’ Kim Na-young, YouTube profits are donated again


‘Single Mom’ Kim Na-young is warming the surroundings by donating profits from the second half of YouTube.

On the 19th, Kim Na-young confessed through her YouTube channel that she made a profit of 80 million won in the second half of the year.

He explained, “As the broadcast of ‘I Raise’ started, interest in YouTube has also increased.” He explained, “It achieved 16,876,067 won in revenue in August, and 10 million won or more has been generated or is expected to make more than 10 million won by December, which has not yet been settled.” .

Kim Na-young said, “I will add a little more to this profit and deliver 100 million won to single-parent female families through the beautiful foundation under the name of subscribers.”

Regarding the donation, Kim Na-young expressed her gratitude, saying, “I will discuss with the Beautiful Foundation the best way to help single-parent female heads of household achieve stable independence so that the proceeds can be used meaningfully.” .

Previously, Kim Na-young has been raising two children alone since 2019, and recently admitted that she is in a relationship with singer-songwriter Mai Q of the same age.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)


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