Authorities “There is a possibility that Omicron will become the dominant species in Korea within a month or two.”


Quarantine authorities predicted that within 1 to 2 months, the Corona 19 micron mutation could become the dominant species in Korea.

In a regular briefing on the 20th, Lee Sang-won, head of the Epidemiological Investigation and Analysis Team of the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters (Bang Dae-bon) said, “In Korea, there is a possibility that Omicron will become the dominant species within a month or two.”

He added, “If the preventive situation in our country becomes more faithful. It may be a little later than this.”

Authorities explained that the rate of propagation of omicron mutations is very high.

Since the end of last month, a total of 178 cases of Omicron infection have been confirmed in Korea, and if 10 suspected cases are added, the total number of cases related to Omicron mutation is 188.

Of the 188 people, 54 cases were imported and 134 cases spread to the region through them.

According to the authorities, 19.8% of the asymptomatic confirmed cases and symptomatic cases show fever, sore throat, and cough, all of which are mild.

In addition, the family infection rate of confirmed patients was 44.7%, more than double that of the delta mutation (20%).

On the other hand, according to the script, the number of boosters among those infected with the Omicron mutation increased to a total of 5.

After receiving the booster vaccination yesterday, Bang Dae-bon revealed that there were a total of 4 cases of infection with the Omicron mutation, but one was added.

This one case was classified as a secondary inoculation by Bang Daebon yesterday, but was reclassified as a booster inoculation again today.

3 out of 5 people received a booster dose after completing their primary dose with Janssen vaccine.

Of the remaining two, one completed the primary dose with the AstraZeneca vaccine and then received a booster dose with the Pfizer vaccine, and the other received the Pfizer vaccine three times.

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