About 540 villages in Jeollanam-do without public transportation… most in the country


The number of villages in Jeollanam-do, where public transportation is not available, was found to be the highest in the country. This is more than double the number five years ago, because the number of public transportation routes has decreased due to inconsistencies in budgets as the population in rural areas has declined sharply.

This is reporter Lim So-young.

Tapdong Village in Osan-myeon, Gokseong-gun, with a total of 13 residents.

The villagers have to walk 1.3 km to catch the bus.

In fact, it is difficult to go out, such as to the hospital, unless you have a car or a taxi.

[김중림/곡성군 탑동마을 : 옥과 병원에 가요. (택시 없으면) 못 다녀요. (효도) 택시 표 다 써버리면 내가 또 (택시) 불러서 다녀야지.]

In the case of Gokseong-gun, out of 271 villages, 41 villages cannot use public transportation within a 15-minute walk as of last year.

[조규열/곡성군 탑동마을 이장 : (효도 택시 없을 때는) 노인분들이 거의 못 나가고 아주 특별한 경우 외에는 갈려고 해도 갈 수가 없었죠.]

According to the results of the agricultural, forestry and fishery survey published by the National Statistical Office every five years, there are 543 villages in Jeollanam-do where public transportation is not running, the largest number in the country.

This is an increase of 385 from 158 five years ago.

By region, Muan had the most with 82, followed by Haenam with 51, Jindo with 42, and Gokseong with 41.

Compared to five years ago, it was found that all 20 cities and counties except Wando increased.

This is the result of difficulties in operating public transportation due to the decrease in the population of eup/myeon unit villages.

[전라남도 관계자 : (대체 교통수단으로) 공공형 버스, 100원 택시가 들어가고 있습니다. 시장·군수가 벽지 노선으로 지정을 하고 개선 명령을 해서 노선을 다시 (재개하기도 합니다.)]

As the rapid aging of rural communities leads to a decrease in public transportation routes, local governments are increasingly concerned and burdened with alternative transportation to fill the void.

(Video coverage: Na Byeong-wook KBC)


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