Willi Herren (†): Jasmin Herren is planning a memorial show on the 1st anniversary of his death


Willi Herren (†)
Widow Jasmin Herren is planning a big commemorative show

Jasmin Herren and Willi Herren (†)

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April 20, 2022 will be the first anniversary of the death of entertainer Willi Herren. His widow Jasmin Herren wants to pay his last respects to her husband with a big show.

Jasmin Herren, 42, could no longer say goodbye to her husband. For them, too, the death of Willi Herren, † 45, came completely unexpected. With a large memorial event, at which celebrities and fans should be there, she wants to pay the Mallorca star her last respects and make up for the missed farewell.

Willi Herren: Jasmin invites prominent guests and fans

Jasmin Herren is to announce the event in the podcast “Lose Luder”. “My husband has always lived for his music. I have something in common with his fans, I also couldn’t say goodbye to him,” said the 42-year-old in an interview with Désirée Nick, 65. Opposite “Bild”, Herrens widow confirms her Plans.

What should not be missing at the party of course: Willi Herrens songs. According to Jasmin Herren, fans can get tickets for the event on April 20, 2022. “I will also invite a lot of celebrities who liked him. I have a large guest list,” said Jasmin.

Jasmin Herren found out about her husband’s death while walking

For Jasmin Herren, who did not attend her husband’s funeral, the party is apparently her personal way to commemorate Willi. The 42-year-old revealed shortly after the entertainer’s death that she learned of the tragic loss while walking. At the same time she explained that she and Willi should not have been separated.

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