Valentina Pahde versus Viviane Geppert


“Beat the celebrity”
Valentina Pahde versus Viviane Geppert

The next duel in “Schlag den Star”: Valentina Pahde (left) vs. Viviane Geppert.

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“GZSZ” meets “tough”: Valentina Pahde and Viviane Geppert will duel in “Schlag den Star” at the beginning of next year.

Last Saturday evening (December 18 on ProSieben) Ruth Moschner (45) and Alexander Herrmann (50) delivered an exciting race, which the presenter was able to win in the end. Now the next celebrity duel for “Schlag den Star” is certain: Actress Valentina Pahde (27) and presenter Viviane Geppert (30) will start and compete against each other in the first edition of the coming year. The live show will be on ProSieben on January 8th from 8:15 p.m.

Pahde is best known for her role as the Sunny Richter in the RTL series “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”, which she has played since January 2015. Geppert has been moderating the popular ProSieben tabloid magazines “taff” and “red! Stars, Lifestyle & More” since January 2016.


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