UK adds 12,000 Omicron to 37,000


In the UK, 12,133 cases of Omicron, a new variant of COVID-19, were added in one day on the 19th local time, bringing the number to 37,101.

On this day, there were 82,886 new confirmed cases and 45 deaths.

Last week, there were over 93,000 people, but it decreased slightly because it was the weekend.

On the 18th, 904,598 people finished the booster shot, and the government target is 1 million a day.

The booster shot ratio for the 12-year-old population is 48.8%.

Professor Mark Woolhouse of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modeling (SPI-M), which presents scientific modeling results related to COVID-19 to the government, said in an interview with Times Radio that there is still uncertainty regarding the severity of the micron mutation, but plans to prepare for a confirmed tsunami He said it was right to put it up.

In Scotland, senior officials are mentioning that additional regulations could be introduced by the new year.

Musical performances and soccer matches have been canceled one after another, and restaurants are complaining of damages due to cancellation of meetings.

Pierce Corbyn, the younger brother of former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been arrested on charges of encouraging the burning of a congressman’s office during protests against the coronavirus lockdown.

In a video taken during a protest against the COVID-19 lockdown and vaccine, Corbyn criticized lawmakers in favor of ‘Plan B’, such as the recent recommendation to work from home and the introduction of a Corona 19 pass, and ordered the office to be burned.

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