U.S. senator who criticizes mandatory vaccines dies a month after contracting coronavirus


A Washington state senator, a Republican from the United States, who has strongly criticized the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, has died a month after being infected with the coronavirus.

The Washington Post reported that Washington State Senator Doug Ericsson died of COVID-19 while visiting El Salvador a month ago.

The family issued a statement announcing Erikson’s death, but the exact cause of death and the place of death were not disclosed.

Ericsson, who visited El Salvador last month, tested positive for COVID-19.

At the time, he asked fellow lawmakers if a treatment for COVID-19 was available, and he was transferred from El Salvador to a hospital in Florida, USA.

Since then, Ericsson’s symptoms, battle history, and whether or not he has been vaccinated are unknown.

The Associated Press reported that Ericsson was a staunch conservative and supporter of former President Donald Trump who has been outspoken against the Washington state government’s guidelines for making vaccines mandatory.


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