Two babies survived tornado with bathtub


When a recent super tornado struck the central United States, it was swept away by the tornado along with the bathtub where two babies were evacuated, but it was later known that they miraculously survived.

The media reported on the 19th that a grandmother with two babies living in Hopkins County, Kentucky, one of the areas most affected by the tornado on the 10th, said in an interview with the local TV show.

According to reports, following the tornado, the grandmother evacuated her 15-month-old grandson, Kaden, and her two 3-month-old Dallas grandson, into a bathtub in the basement of the house, and put a blanket, pillow and a Bible in the bathtub.

But soon after, a powerful tornado engulfed the house, swept away by a tornado of the bathtub in the basement.

“The tub lifted up and out of my hand,” Grandma said. “I couldn’t hold onto[the tub]. I just shouted ‘Oh my god.'”

At the time, the grandmother was hit in the back of the head by a bathtub water tank, but the tornado began to search for the children in the wreckage that reached the basement.

The bathtub was found upside down in the backyard, with two children under the bathtub.

He explained the situation at the time, “All I could say was, ‘Lord, please bring the children back safely. I beg you.'”

Dallas, one of two grandchildren, suffered a major bruise on the back of the head and was taken to the nearby Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, for treatment.

The parents of the two babies live on the northern tip of Hopkins County, the grandmother said, adding that their home was hardly affected by the tornado.

Dozens of tornadoes in the central U.S. on the 10th have killed 92 people, including 75 in Kentucky.

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