Those born under these signs always feel nostalgic for their ex-lover


08:00 pm

Sunday 19 December 2021

I wrote – Asma Morsi

Overcoming forgetting someone you loved is very difficult for many people, and there are some zodiacs who always feel nostalgic for the former lover, according to the website.


– cancer:

Owners of this sign are very emotional, while they do not reveal their emotional side to their partners, so, once their relationship ends, it is heartbreaking for them, not only nostalgia for their ex, but also refuse to marry or engage with anyone.

– Virgin:

Virgo only loves once in their life, so in the event of a breakup, they will feel nostalgic for them, and if they see an opportunity to get back together, they will probably agree.

– Balance:

His children are distinguished by his love and devotion to the other party, therefore, they will cling to the memories of their former partner, as well as returning to him helps them feel as if they have regained their romantic balance.

– Whale:

Breakups are seen by this sign as a temporary period, so they will feel nostalgic for their memories of their ex.

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