Shun Feng, “I never said I was sexually assaulted” media interview


China’s female tennis star Feng Shunyi said she had never claimed sexual assault in her first media interview after she revealed that she had had sex under coercion by former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Ga-ori.

According to an article and video from the Singapore Chinese media Association Jobo on the 20th, in a short interview in Shanghai the day before, Peng said, “I never said or wrote that someone raped me.

He also said that the Weibo post that revealed the problem of Jang Ga-ori on the 2nd of last month was “a personal matter.”

In addition, she is living freely in her home in Beijing, and in relation to the controversy over the truthfulness of the English email that she wrote last month to the Women’s Pro Tennis Tour to deny the allegation of sexual assault, he explained to the effect that he wrote it in Chinese for the first time and sent it with a translation. .

Shen Feng had a short interview with Yonhap Zhaobo on the occasion of participating in the cross-country competition in Shanghai, and Yonhap Zobo published an interview video along with the article.

This is the first time Peng has appeared in the media since the Zhang Gaori incident was revealed through a Weibo post he posted on November 2nd.

In a post on his Weibo account at the time, Peng said that former Deputy Prime Minister Zhang had sexually assaulted him after he retired in 2018.

Amid the rumors of Peng’s disappearance, Chinese state media CGTN released it on the 18th of last month saying, “We got an e-mail from Xinyi Feng on the women’s professional tennis tour.” “,” he said, “I am resting at home without any problems.”

Shenyi Feng was the women’s doubles winner of the 2013 Wimbledon and 2014 French Open tennis tournaments, and climbed to the top of the world doubles rankings in 2014.

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