President Moon discusses economic policy direction for next year… Started reporting on ministries


President Moon Jae-in presides over the National Economic Advisory Meeting at the Blue House today (20th) to discuss the economic policy direction for next year.

At the Blue House, Chief of Staff Yoo Young-min and Policy Office Director Ho-seung Lee, floor leader Yun Ho-jung, and Policy Committee Chairman Park Wan-joo from the party will attend.

In the government, all members of the State Council including Hong Nam-ki, Deputy Prime Minister of Economy and Minister of Strategy and Finance, are eligible to attend.

In the private sector, private members of the National Economic Advisory Council, including Vice Chairman Lee Geun of the National Economic Advisory Council, will attend.

At today’s meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Hong is expected to report on the ‘2022 economic policy direction’ after evaluating the economy this year.

Previously, Deputy Prime Minister Hong had previously reported to President Moon on the 9th that next year would be the first year to go beyond overcoming the crisis and return to daily life.

The National Economic Advisory Council is an institution established under the Constitution to provide advice to the President on policies related to the national economy.

Meanwhile, President Moon will receive non-face-to-face reports of government ministries for 2022 starting today.

In addition to the ministries’ work reports, a joint briefing with the public ministries will be held for each of the five policy topics.

The report on the work plan by policy topic will begin on the 22nd, starting with ‘Activation of the People’s Livelihood Economy’ on the 22nd, ‘Peace on the Korean Peninsula’ on the 23rd, ‘Real Estate Market Stabilization’ on the 27th, ‘Korean Version of the New Deal and Carbon Neutrality’ on the 28th, and ‘Corona 19 Prevention Response’ on the 30th. proceed in order.

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