Overpass collapsed in China… 4 killed, 8 injured


A highway bridge collapsed in central China’s Hubei province, killing four people and injuring eight others. It appears that the truck that exceeded the weight limit collapsed as it passed over the bridge.

Correspondent Song Wook from Beijing.

A huge highway bridge deck fell off the pier and sank.

The trucks on the bridge fell down and crashed, and a white car crashed on the top of the bridge.

Yesterday (18th) afternoon in Wuzhou, Hubei Province, China, a 500-meter section of an elevated roundabout connecting the two highways collapsed on one side.

[목격자 : 교량이 순식간에 무너져 내렸어요. 큰 소리가 나자마자 차를 멈췄어요. 2차 붕괴가 있을까 봐 가까이는 못 갔어요.]

At the time of the accident, three trucks were running on the bridge and some workers were working.

Four people were killed and eight were injured. The fatalities are said to be a worker and a truck driver who fell.

Regarding the cause of the accident, Chinese media reported that a truck carrying substation facilities and operating over the bridge weighed 198 tons.

The weight limit of the accident bridge opened in 2010 was 49 tons.

Earlier, in October 2019, an overpass collapsed during rush hour in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

Five people were injured, but authorities said overloading of the truck was the cause of the accident.

Due to the constant collapse of overpasses, the Chinese are questioning how heavily overloaded vehicles travel on the roads despite crackdowns, and whether there are any problems with the design and construction of overpasses.

(Video coverage: Gyu Ma, Video editing: Ji-in Park, video source: Weibo, China)


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