Netflix: The latest releases to enjoy this weekend


It is Sunday, some students are on vacation and little by little the weather is cooling, revealing the beautiful Christmas season. And although many plan to leave home and hang out with their friends, others prefer to stay in bed for a long time to enjoy the premieres that have reached streaming platforms such as Netflix.

For the above, we give you some reasons —Or Netflix premieres — for you to enjoy this Sunday.

Estrenos Netflix

  • The Witcher: Temporada 2 (SERIE)

Geralt accepts his fate as he protects Ciri from the forces fighting for control of the Continent, and from the mysterious power that she possesses.

  • A California Christmas: City Lights (MOVIES)

One year after the start of their romance, Callie Y Joseph leave the ranch to attend to family matters in San Francisco. Wedding bells ring …

  • Balloon and the wonders of the reef (DOCUMENTARY)

A small puffer fish travels an extraordinary microscopic world full of fantastic creatures in search of a home on the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Fast & Furious: Spies at the Wheel – Season 6: Homecoming (KIDS)

The final season takes spies around the world, from the Alps to the Arctic and back home to Los Angeles, as they battle their toughest enemy!

  • Thomas & Friends: The Sodor Cup Race (KIDS)

Winning the Sodor Cup takes more than just speed. The agile trains Kana and Thomas dThey must use their ingenuity and work as a team … To cross the finish line first!

  • Thomas and his friends (INFANT)

All aboard! Thomas and his friends Percy, Nia, and Diesel work hard on the island of Sodor, but they also find time to have fun.

  • Aggretsuko: Season 4 (ANIME)

Retsuko turns up the volume to prevent Haida from making the biggest mistake of his life after the arrival of a new president to the company.

More Netflix premieres

Remember that you can also consult the list of premieres that arrive in December and the list of premieres for January 2022 will be coming soon.Don’t miss them!



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