Long White House Rebuttal Statement on Sunday… The beginning is again, Member of Manchin


Democrat Senator Joe Manchin

On Sunday, the 19th, a long rebuttal statement was issued in the name of White House Press Secretary Jen Saki.

Whereas the usual White House press statement was only a few lines, this time it was enough to fill two pages.

It started with a Fox News interview with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

This is what President Joe Biden said about the $2 trillion social welfare budget bill that President Joe Biden worked on, “I can’t go any further. It’s the opposite.”

Manchin, who has expressed negative opinions about the bill so far, said this remark was the most powerful, the Washington Post (WP) evaluated.

He said it could be a fatal blow to President Biden’s budget bill.

It is for this reason that spokesperson Saki hastily issued a lengthy rebuttal.

“Rep. Manchin’s remarks are different from what we’ve been discussing with the president and the White House this week,” Saki said.

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who has led the budget bill, told CNN: “I’ve been doing this with Manchin for months.” Let’s vote against it in front of them.”

The WP evaluated the series of circumstances that led to Manchin’s interview and the White House’s rebuttal “showing the limits of President Biden’s negotiating skills and the weakness of the ruling Democratic Party.”

President Biden has recently been in intensive discussions with Rep. Manchin to address the social welfare budget bill within the year, but has failed to come to a compromise.

The U.S. Senate is split 50-50, and the opposition between democracy and republicanism is so stark that it is virtually impossible to pass the bill without a vote in favor of Senator Manchin.

President Biden initially proposed a $3.5 trillion social welfare budget bill, but it was cut to $2 trillion amid opposition from Senator Manchin and others.

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