Lee Jae-myung “I will take responsibility”… Yoon Seok-yeol “There are a lot of fake claims”


The battle between the presidential candidates over the family allegations continues. Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung said he would take responsibility if problems were revealed in his son’s verification. People’s Power Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol raised his voice that there are many fakes among the Democratic Party claims aimed at his wife.

Correspondent Kang Cheong-wan.

A commemoration ceremony for the 89th anniversary of the death of Dr. Yoon Bong-gil.

Candidates Jae-myung Lee and Seok-yeol Yoon met, but only shook hands without talking.

Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung was asked by some as to whether he would break through the front, saying that there are suspicions about his son’s entrance exam.

[이재명/더불어민주당 대선 후보 : 자식을 둔 죄인이니까, 필요한 검증은 충분히 하시고 문제가 있는 점들에 대해서는 상응하는 책임을 지도록 하겠습니다.]

Regarding the increase in the eldest son’s property by 50 million won since 2019, he explained that it was a legal gift.

Still, when pointed out that the attack continued, he responded by saying, “It’s all in the Official Gazette.”

Rep. Park Gwang-on, head of the Democratic Party’s Election Response Committee, sent a text message to his lawmakers stating that it would be better not to comment on the claim by some that the gambling issue of Lee’s son was raised as a media operation.

It only halves the meaning of this candidate’s apology.

Instead, the Democratic Party raised additional suspicions about Kim Gun-hee, wife of People’s Strength candidate Yoon Seok-yeol.

In the resume that Kim submitted to Suwon Women’s University in 2007 and Anyang University in 2013, her training experience at New York University was listed.

People’s Power refuted the claim of the Democratic Party as fake news that was different from the truth, saying that during the Seoul National University global leader training course that Kim completed, there was also a one-month training at New York University.

A press photo was also presented saying that it was a photo during training at New York University, but it is a scene where a person who looks like Mr. Kim is receiving a lecture.

Candidate Yoon also made a mark on the Democratic Party.

[윤석열/국민의힘 대선 후보 : 국민의 비판을 겸허하게 받아들이고 사과를 올렸습니다만, 또 민주당 주장이 사실과 다른 가짜도 많지 않습니까.]

Justice Party candidate Shim Sang-jung said, “It has become an ‘apology election’ with only apologies.”

Ahn Cheol-soo, candidate of the People’s Party, proposed creating a presidential candidate verification committee under the National Election Commission.

(Video coverage: Jeong Sang-bo, video editing: Kim Jin-won)


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