Italy’s highest daily number of infections in 13 months


The government is tense as the coronavirus spreads rapidly again ahead of Christmas in Italy.

According to the Italian health authorities, the number of daily new corona19 confirmed cases recorded 28,632 on the 17th and 28,64 on the 18th, respectively.

This is the highest level in about a year and a month since November 26 last year (29,102 people), which was the end of the second wave.

The confirmation rate, which indicates the ratio of the number of confirmed cases to the number of subjects tested, also reached a dangerous level with 4.3% on the 17th and 4% on the 18th.

The death toll stood at 120 and 123, respectively.

As of the 18th, the number of critically ill patients receiving inpatient treatment also reached 953, approaching 1,000.

Health authorities are still analyzing the absolute majority of COVID-19 delta mutations, but the number of omicron mutations is gradually increasing.

By the 18th, the number of confirmed cases of Omicron infection was 84.

As the situation takes a turn for the worse, the Italian government is also moving with urgency.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi is scheduled to hold a quarantine meeting attended by all cabinet ministers on the 23rd to discuss follow-up regulations to prevent the spread of the virus during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Local media, such as public broadcaster Rai News, reported that only those who have received the vaccine or who have recovered from infection are allowed to use city transportation and shopping centers. It is expected that measures such as requesting a negative confirmation certificate will be on the discussion table.

In addition, the authorities believe that vaccination is the basis of quarantine to get through this winter safely, and they are doing their best to raise the vaccination rate.

The primary vaccination rate in Italy is 79.5% of the total population (about 59.3 million people), and the completion rate of vaccination is 76.5%.

Franco Rocatelli, coordinator of the Science and Technology Council (CTS), which advises the Italian government’s response to COVID-19, said in an interview with the local media, “The current increase in the number of confirmed cases should not be interpreted as a vaccine failure. Many lives must have been sacrificed amid the rapid spread of the virus.”

Regarding the Omicron mutation, he said, “It is spreading very rapidly in Italy, but the transmission power is still limited.”

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