Israeli Prime Minister Says 5th Epidemic Begins… Vaccinations Must Be Vaccinated Before Omicron Spread


▲ Israeli Prime Minister Naphthale Bennett

Israeli Prime Minister Naphthale Bennett said on the 19th that the fifth wave of COVID-19 had begun, and recommended that the vaccine be administered as soon as possible before the spread of the new mutant Omicron.

According to the local media, Prime Minister Bennett said at a briefing on the Omicron mutation that was broadcast live on TV on the night of the 19th, “The fifth wave of Corona 19 has begun. I believe that the infection rate will rise sharply within 3 to 4 weeks or even earlier. There is no room,” he diagnosed the situation.

“The government will do everything possible to buy time (before the omicron mutation spreads),” he said.

“Vaccines are safe for children. It is a parent’s duty to vaccinate children,” said Prime Minister Bennett.

He continued, “Waiting now is a waste of time. If we wait until the fifth wave takes off in earnest, it is too late,” he emphasized.

In Israel, the first influx of omicron mutations was confirmed on the 26th of last month, and a total of 170 cases of infection have been reported so far.

There are 380 suspected cases.

Israel hastily banned entry of foreigners after an omicron mutation was reported in South Africa, and the border lockdown has been extended until the 29th.

Israel also added the UK, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ireland, Norway, Spain, Finland, France and Sweden to the travel ban, following the first of 50 African countries.

The Israeli Ministry of Health has proposed to the Ministerial Conference a plan to add 10 countries to the travel ban, including the United States, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Morocco, Portugal, Canada, Switzerland and Turkey.

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