“I’m going to make a terrible afternoon for Liverpool”


Tottenham Hotspur, which suffered a direct hit from Corona 19, resumes the league schedule from the early morning of the 20th against Liverpool, and Son Heung-min’s determination to win is impressive.

Son Heung-min said in an interview with Sky Sports in England, “Although Liverpool are a strong team, we made a promise to win three points as it is a home game.

[손흥민/토트넘 공격수 : 리버풀에게 끔찍한 일요일 오후를 만들어주고 싶습니다. 리버풀이 우리 홈에 와서 굉장히 힘든 경기를 하도록 하는 게 목표입니다.]

Following the video of joining the team training, an interview with a bright expression was also released, raising expectations for Son Heung-min’s return.

If it comes out against Liverpool, it will be Son Heung-min’s 300th appearance in Tottenham’s career.

(Video source: UK Sky Sports)


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