How toxic is spotted hemlock?


“Tatort: ​​Miracles always happen”
How toxic is spotted hemlock?

“Tatort: ​​Miracles happen again and again”: The nuns – here Sister Barbara (Corinna Harfouch) – also planted the spotted hemlock in the monastery garden.

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In the “Tatort: ​​Miracles There Are Always Again”, Batic and Leitmayr investigate in the country. Is Spotted Hemlock Really That Poisonous?

In “Tatort: ​​Miracles are always there” (December 19th, the first), the Munich inspectors Ivo Batic (Miroslav Nemec, 67) and Franz Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl, 63) do not investigate in the city, but in a monastery in the foothills of the Alps . Four questions about crime.

Why are Batic and Leitmayr investigating the countryside?

An auditor dies on the journey home on the train, which is only discovered at Munich Central Station. The investigation leads the Munich commissioners to a nunnery in the foothills of the Alps, where the dead man was last active. “Visually, it was a great attraction for us to ‘move’ the inspectors into the hitherto unseen country and mountain world and thus create a contrast to the city’s otherwise usual ‘crime scene’ cosmos,” enthuses producer Annie Brunner (born 1969, Roxyfilm) from the idea.

Where was the thriller filmed?

The action takes place in a monastery in the fictional Dannerberg. The film was shot in the Reisach Carmelite monastery in Oberaudorf in the Rosenheim district. “In search of the right location, we visited many uninhabited monasteries in Bavaria or that had been converted for another use, until we finally found what we were looking for in the Reisach monastery in Oberaudorf,” continues the producer. The monastery building has been empty since the religious were withdrawn two years ago, making it a perfect backdrop for the crime thriller. “It breathes a special atmosphere and you can still feel the spirit of the religious who lived there until recently,” says Brunner.

Which actresses are behind the nuns?

Six nuns can be seen in the film. Sister Barbara, the prioress of the monastery, was played by the multiple Grimme Prize winner Corinna Harfouch (67, “Germany 89”). Berlin “Tatort” fans already have the opportunity to see the future commissioner here – albeit as a nun and thus in a completely different role …

Christiane Blumhoff (79) played sister Julia. She is still a very busy actress. Only the list of audio books she has worked on is even longer than her filmography. She is the mother of the Munich actor, voice actor (including “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”) and comedian Simon Pearce (40).

Sister Antonia is played by the Viennese actress Maresi Riegner (born 1991). In “Tatort: ​​Paradies” (2014) from her hometown, the multiple award-winning artist even stood in front of the camera with TV legend Peter Weck (91, “I will marry a family”).

Actress Petra Hartung (52) slipped into the role of sister Jacoba. In a Sunday thriller she was last seen in “Polizeiruf 110: Monstermutter”, with which Maria Simon (45) said goodbye in 2019.

Sister Klara was played by Constanze Becker (43), who is best known as a theater star. She has already received several awards for her stage work, including the title “Actress of the Year” (theater magazine “Theater heute”).

Theater actress Ulrike Willenbacher (66) can be seen as sister Angela in a crime thriller. In 2019 she played with the Munich investigators in “Tatort: ​​One Way Ticket” – by the way, in this film, too, someone died from a plant poison.

Is Spotted Hemlock Really That Poisonous?

Apropos for all non-botanists. The spotted hemlock plays a role in “Tatort: ​​Miracles are always there”. And yes, it really does exist and it actually belongs to the most poisonous native plant species. Visually, however, it is reminiscent of the non-toxic yarrow.

The so-called “hemlock cup”, which contained a drink with the vegetable stock, was used in ancient times in Athens.


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