Hong Kong media: Chinese carrier fighters enter new Pacific Ocean while US warships are on vacation


A Chinese carrier squadron led by USS Liaoning entered the Pacific Ocean for training while US warships were away on vacation, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported.

On the 15th, the Japanese Ministry of Defense said that the Liaoning, the latest large destroyer, the Type 055 Nanchang, the Type 054 destroyer Li Zhao, and the general supply ship Hurunhu, were spotted 350 km west of the Danjo Islands. said.

It is said that the Liaoning carrier group then passed through the Miyako Strait the next day and entered the Pacific Ocean.

The SCMP explained that “China’s training in the Pacific takes place between US warships and their return to the Indian Ocean or base for Christmas and New Year holidays.”

According to the US Navy, the Ronald Reagan is currently in the port of Yokosuka, Japan, and the Carl Vinson is in the Indian Ocean, northwest of Australia.

In order for a Chinese warship to enter the Pacific Ocean, it must pass through the first archipelago, which is strategically important to the U.S. (a ship linking Japan’s Okinawa-Taiwan-Philippines-Malaka Strait). The SCMP explains that it has entered the Pacific Ocean.

“All Chinese carrier groups are designed to operate outside the First Islands Line to prevent foreign intervention in the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan,” the newspaper reported.

“The People’s Liberation Army will not delay military deployment and regular patrols around Taiwan,” said Zhou Chenming, a Chinese military expert. said it would


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