He should give that up for the Queen


Prince William
He should give that up for the Queen

Prince William and the Queen appear together in Scotland.

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They are said to have had “many conversations” – the Queen allegedly urges her grandson Prince William to give up a dear hobby.

Prince William (39) should no longer fly helicopters with his family. This view is allegedly William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (95). According to “The Sun” she is “afraid”that a disaster could occur.

The monarch is said to have had “several conversations” with the Duke of Cambridge. In it, according to the report, she asked him “not to fly himself, especially in bad weather”. In addition to worrying about the well-being of the family, the 95-year-old apparently also sees the continued existence of the monarchy in jeopardy.

Commuting between Norfolk and London

According to media reports, unofficial rules usually prevent high-ranking members of the royal family from flying together. However, the regulations have been relaxed since the birth of Williams’ children, so that the young family can spend more time together. With his wife, Duchess Kate (39), William has three children: Prince George (8), Princess Charlotte (6) and Prince Louis (3). William is behind his father Prince Charles (73) in second place in the line of succession to the British throne, Prince George in third place.

William and his family live in London’s Kensington Palace and their country house in Norfolk. You should regularly fly back and forth between the two locations. A palace insider told the Sun: “Her Majesty has told close friends and associates that she would like William to stop flying himself, especially in bad weather, as helicopters are not the safest mode of transport.” He added, “That keeps the Queen up at night and she is understandably very concerned.”

The Queen knows that William is an experienced pilot, “but she doesn’t think it’s worth the risk that all five of them fly together.” Should something happen, it would create a major crisis. She told William that she was worried “no matter how good he is as a pilot”.

Prince William trained as a helicopter pilot with the Royal Air Force from 2009 to 2010. He then worked until 2013 as a rescue pilot with the “Search and Rescue” unit in Wales.



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