He and his caona betray baby sex


Leonard Freier
He and his caona betray baby sex

Leonard Freier and his wife Caona will soon be parents for the second time.

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Ex- “Bachelor” Leonard Freier and his wife Caona have excitedly revealed the gender of their unborn baby on Instagram.

In September, ex-“Bachelor” Leonard Freier (36) and his wife Caona announced that they were expecting children for the second time. Now the couple has the gender of the unborn baby at a gender reveal party reveal on Instagram. “It’s going to be a boy,” the mother-to-be writes about a video in which the two are cheered with blue confetti. All those present initially wear white and only a few seconds later blue. Suitor gives his loved one a gentle kiss and carefully places his hand on her baby bump.

This means that their daughter, who was born in 2015, will have a little brother. Leonard Freier became known in 2016 as a candidate for the RTL dome show “Der Bachelor”. Shortly before, the insurance specialist had separated from his current wife after a relationship of six years. Some time later, however, they got together again.



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