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Delicious Christmas
Find recipes via app

Families look forward to the Christmas feast all year round.

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Before and at Christmas, the kitchens smell of cinnamon and chocolate. Use these apps to find the best recipes.

Advent and Christmas bring enjoyment like no other. Especially homemade will delight relatives and colleagues, at least with the right recipe. With these five apps, Christmas bakers and cooks are guaranteed to find the best goodies to try out.

Head chef

The largest German-language recipe app has something on offer for every season, including Christmas of course. Almost 14,000 recipes can be found under the keyword “Christmas” and around 19,000 under “Cookies”. There is something for every palate here. The application works not only on tablets or smartphones, but also on streaming boxes. For example, Christmas bakers can use Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant to guide them through baking and have the recipes read out to them. “Chef” is there for Android and iOS as a free basic version or as an ad-free “Pur” annual subscription for 14.99 euros.

Eat Smarter

The makers of “Eat Smarter” magazine focus on healthy eating: More than 100,000 recipes are stored in the free app, which offers additional functions. Once you have found a delicious recipe, the necessary ingredients can be added to an integrated shopping list with one click. Plus, Eat Smarter explains what the health benefits of each of the curated dishes are. The app is free available for Android and iOS.

Sally’s world

The recipe collection of the cooking and baking influencer Saliha “Sally” Özcan (33) is in the app “Sally’s World” bundled. Under the “Christmas” category, users will find plenty of inspiration in the app, from cheesecake sticks as a Christmas variant to chocolate almonds with cinnamon and colorful winter stews. Hobby chefs cannot find a classic Christmas goose in “Sally’s World” at the moment, but lots of sweets and one or the other winter meat recipe. “Sally’s World” is available free of charge for Android and iOS.


Springlane is actually a manufacturer of kitchen appliances. The fact that the company offers a collection of recipes without advertising its own products everywhere deserves special praise. Instead, focus the app of the same name to curated recipes that experts comment on with a short text. There is plenty of inspiration for Advent and Christmas in the extensive collection. Springlane is available free of charge for Android and iOS.


Anyone interested in international Christmas cuisine will find what they are looking for in the “Tasty” recipe collection. The English-language app is one of the most frequently downloaded applications worldwide for recipes of all kinds. Under the “Christmas” category you can find sweet and savory, several filters such as preparation time or difficulty help you to find the right recipe. “Tasty” is free for Android and iOS.


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