“Every time I park two spaces, I don’t even answer the phone” Community heated photo


It is a real-time e-news that looks at the news that has become a hot topic on the Internet overnight.

Netizens were very interested in the conflicts between residents over apartment parking spaces.

This is a picture uploaded to an online community the day before (18th).

A black SUV occupies two parking spaces, and one resident complained that the owner of the vehicle did not take up two spaces in the narrow apartment basement parking lot every time and did not answer the phone. The story has been revealed.

In another apartment, parking issues for large vehicles have led to disputes among residents.

A resident said, ‘Please park straight. When I left a memo saying, ‘I’ve been stepping on the line for several months, let’s be considerate’, and the resident, who is presumed to be the owner of the vehicle, said, ‘I cannot get off because the car is large’, and ‘It is because small cars such as compact cars occupy a large space are not being considerate. I think,’ he replied.

Among the netizens who came across the story, there is a lot of discussion with the reaction, ‘Isn’t it the power of a large car owner?’

While the quarantine pass has been in effect since last week, I’ve seen many articles that an attempt to trade the quarantine pass has been caught on a second-hand trading platform.

This article was posted on a used trading platform.

It’s about ‘borrowing the portal site ID of a person who has completed the vaccination for 50,000 won’.

The article was captured and spread through various online communities on the 16th. Coincidentally, this is also the day the government announced a strengthened distancing plan that restricts the use of restaurants and cafes for unvaccinated people.

There are also a number of attempts to neutralize the quarantine pass by allowing vaccinated persons to lend their accounts to acquaintances who are not vaccinated, or by sharing text messages confirming negative genetic amplification tests.

According to the Criminal Act, forgery of a certificate can result in imprisonment of up to 10 years, and if someone else’s certificate is used, a fine of up to 100,000 won may be imposed according to the Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

I’ve seen many articles about a Korean woman being the first to win the Miss America pageant, which selects the most beautiful woman in the United States.

At the Miss America pageant held on the 16th local time, Emma Broyles, the representative of Alaska, defeated 50 contestants to win the crown.

It is said that her grandparents are third-generation Koreans from Korea. It is the first time in the 100-year history of the contest that a Korean woman was selected as Miss America.

At the event held the day before the competition, Broyles received attention on stage wearing a white trouser suit, and also disclosed the fact that she had a skin disease caused by attention deficit and obsessive-compulsive disorder while quarantined in a dormitory due to the Corona 19 epidemic. I want to show people that I am just like everyone else,’ he said, ‘I have flaws too’.


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