“Even seaweed soup…” The wish of the confirmed grandmother’s granddaughter came true


We also prepared warm news between people. The granddaughter told the 98-year-old grandmother of the people she was grateful for at the hospital. It is said that the grandmother who contracted Corona was only admitted to the emergency room, where she even received a very special birthday present.

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon reported.

Shim Eun-young, who was raised by her grandmother because her parents were busy when she was young, is dizzy just thinking about what happened ten days ago.

A 98-year-old grandmother living in Uijeongbu was seriously injured and went to a nearby hospital, because she was diagnosed with Corona in a pre-hospital test.

[심은영/제보자 : 화장실을 가시다가 미끄러지셨는지 쓰러지셨다고…. 이제 코로나 검사를 했는데 할머니가 양성이 나오셔서, 계속 병상은 안 나오고 새벽 두 시 반까지 발을 동동거리면서….]

A university hospital in Chuncheon that I visited after searching for a bed after being unable to find a bed.

I managed to be admitted to an emergency room that could temporarily accommodate corona patients.

A few days later, Grandma’s birthday came back, but the family was not even able to visit.

However, you receive a picture that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Seaweed soup, cake, conical hat, and handwritten letter, these are the pictures of the 98th birthday party prepared by the emergency room nurses.

[심은영/제보자 : 면회는 안 되고 너무 할머니도 보고 싶은 마음에 들어가진 못하고 ‘미역국이라도 해서 갖다 드리면 드시게 할 순 있겠냐’ 그 얘기를 했더니 너무 먼 거리 오시지 마시고, 저희가 하겠다고…. 나중에 저녁에 사진이 온 거예요. 저 진짜 어제 펑펑 울었어요.]

The day my grandmother moved to the negative pressure room after living in the emergency room, my granddaughter visited the hospital to express her gratitude.

[일일이 다 손으로 쓰셨어요? 이거 또 보내셨어요? (열흘 동안 고마웠다고…힘들어도 밤새 만들었어요.)]

[최은자/한림대학교 춘천 성심병원 간호팀장 : 아쉬운 거예요. 퇴근하면서 케이크를 하나 사다가 ‘오늘 98세 생신이시래, 시간이 되면 좀 챙겨 드려봐’ 했더니…. 어머 그렇게까지 챙긴 거예요.]

Hope continues even in a difficult and difficult world due to the corona virus.

[심은영/제보자 : 이렇게 좋은 의료진분들이 계셔서 정말 마음 따뜻한 세상이구나, 느꼈고 좀 좋은 사람이 되고 싶다는 그런 마음이 생기더라고요.]

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, video editing: Lee Seung-jin)


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