Classic elegance on the red carpet


Keanu Reeves
Classic elegance on the red carpet

Keanu Reeves appeared classically in a black suit in San Francisco.

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The premiere in San Francisco was a very special one for the “Matrix Resurrections” cast. Keanu Reeves exuded simple elegance.

Keanu Reeves (57) was stylish as usual at the “Matrix Resurrections” premiere in San Francisco and impressed with simple elegance. The 57-year-old chose a black suit and brown suede shoes for the occasion. He also combined a dark red and gray striped tie. The actors of the fourth “Matrix” film have seen several premieres, but the screening in San Francisco was very special.

Because that is where the shooting of the top secret project started in 2020. The shooting was under the code name “Project Ice Cream”, in English “Project Ice Cream”. Back then, photos of Reeves doing a stunt jumping off a skyscraper went viral. Like the actor according to “ABC7 News” said at the premiere, this was also one of the highlights for him. “Walking through the streets, seeing the lights and jumping off this building. That was a pretty big highlight,” he said of the filming in San Francisco.

Fans of the actor tried to catch a glimpse of Keanu Reeves while filming and dubbed it “Keanu Watch”. The 57-year-old reacted to these descriptions with amusement in the interview. “I met a few people. It was nice,” he said politely when asked if he had noticed anything.

How is “Matrix Resurrections” received by the critics?

Meanwhile there are already the first reviews of the new “Matrix” film. It is a sequel to “Matrix Revolution” (2003), in addition to Keanu Reeves as Neo, Carrie-Anne Moss (54) as Trinity is back again. In order to free mankind from enslavement by machines, the two actually gave up their lives 18 years ago. In “Matrix Resurrections”, however, Neo is surprisingly alive and well, he just seems to have dreamed what happened. The initial reactions of the critics are mixed.

The American TV and film critic Emily VanDerWerff (39) tweeted: “I loved it.” In the middle of the film, she “thought it was the best film ever made”. Still, she admitted, “A lot of people will hate him.” While also Ethan Alter from “Yahoo Entertainment” “Absolutely loved” the new strip, explained the “Forbes”-Autor Scott Mendelson in bitter words: “‘Matrix Resurrections’ is a comedy. The action is disappointing and the new characters are thin.”

If you want to form your own opinion on the new “Matrix” film: “Matrix Resurrections” will be released in German cinemas on December 23rd.


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