Chumel Torres throws himself against Morena for criticizing the INE: “They want to stay in power”


Chumel Torres, known youtuber for hosting “The Pulse of the Republic”, could not contain his opinion about the criticism of various supporters of Morena towards the National Electoral Institute (OTHER) for temporarily postpone the popular consultation of Revocation of Mandate, proposed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

“Fighting with the INE, how you can tell that what Morena wants is to stay in power at all costs. Democracy is worth mothers, what they want is the bone. Worms, ”Chumel wrote on his Twitter account.

On December 17, during an extraordinary session, the INE agreed to “temporarily” postpone the exercise of Revocation of Mandate due to lack of resources.

With the votes of six councilors in favor and five against, the members of the INE decided to postpone the revocation of the mandate that would take place in April in case of gathering the necessary signatures.

Following this decision, several personalities affiliated with Morena such as Mario Delgado, Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, Clitlali Hernández and even Marcelo Ebrard, who pointed out that the organism is “collapsing“” (The INE) seeks to avoid that in that consultation the high approval of President López Obrador is confirmed, “he also said on Twitter.



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