Christmas trends 2021: These are the 5 most beautiful decoration ideas for the holidays


Christmas trends 2021
These are the 5 most beautiful decoration ideas for the holidays

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As soon as all Halloween pumpkins have been cleared out of the way, you can already start thinking about the Christmas decorations in 2021. Which decor trends are moving into our four walls this year? Here are tips for a stylish Christmas 2021 and purchase recommendations right away.

Christmas trends 2021: that’s what counts

In order to really get us into the Christmas mood and to escape the stressful pre-Christmas season, we decorate our home every year. Candles, Christmas balls, fairy lights and the smell of delicious Christmas cookies should not be missing. What are the latest decoration trends for Christmas? One thing is certain: it will be natural and puristic. The upcoming trends are inspired by Nordic minimalism, which can be combined with unusual statement pieces and natural materials.

5 inspiring decoration ideas for the Christmas trends 2021

We have selected five ideas that are particularly important for Christmas 2021:

  • Natural materials
  • Fancy candles and candle holders
  • Erdtone
  • Christmas balls
  • Adventskränze

1. Natural materials

A particularly inexpensive Christmas decoration trend is the return to natural materials. Wood, bushes, jute, bark, cork, leaves, cones, nuts – all of this can move into your own four walls. Wooden disks are ideal, for example, as glass coasters. What you cannot find in the forest, you can also buy in the flower shop or online. The above-mentioned renewable raw materials are real eye-catchers, especially in combination with coarse surfaces such as marble, stone or metal. There are many beautiful decorative items to buy later.

2. Fancy candles and candle holders

Unusual candles and candle holders bring the necessary excitement to the Christmas decorations – because Christmas can be kitschy! Those who like things more puristic can rely on one or two decorative highlights and are therefore completely in line with the trend. A single candle holder can do a lot. One thing is certain: there is no Christmas season without candlelight. Here you will find many candles and candle holders for the Christmas season.

3. Erdtone

And what colors do you put on the table? Based on the nature aspect, the Christmas trends 2021 will focus on earth tones. Colors like Brown, beige, dark red or green are among the color trends at Christmas. Especially in combination with each other, the earth tones look very elegant and Christmassy.

4. Christmas balls

Christmas balls are not in themselves a new trend. The current issue, however, is how they are presented. The round pendants are not only found on the Christmas tree. We are happy to distribute the traditional Christmas accessories throughout the apartment: for example on the tray, on an étagère or as a pendant on branches in the vase. Whether you opt for puristic honeycomb balls made of paper, transparent balls in modern earth tones or classic Christmas balls from past Christmas parties is entirely up to you. May it be new Christmas balls? Then we have here is a selection for you.

5. Adventskränze

Advent wreaths are nothing new either, do you think? It’s correct. But here, too, it is worth taking a second look. At Christmas 2021, Advent wreaths do not only come from fir branches. How about one for a change Advent wreath made of flowers or eucalyptus? This also gives a heavenly scent throughout the apartment. Incidentally, Advent wreaths don’t always have to be on the dining table. They also look great on the wall or hanging from the ceiling.

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