All schools will be suspended from today… Metropolitan area ‘visiting vaccine’


All schools will be temporarily suspended from today (20th). All schools in the metropolitan area and overcrowded schools in non-metropolitan areas conduct online classes in parallel. However, the 1st and 2nd graders of elementary school will attend school every day as an exception. And on-site vaccinations will also start this week.

This is reporter Jeong Da-eun.

Starting today, all schools in the metropolitan area, which started on the 22nd of last month, will be suspended after 4 weeks of implementation.

Overcrowded colleges and classes in non-metropolitan areas also offer some online classes.

However, 1st and 2nd graders of elementary school continue to attend school every day.

In grades 3-6, only 30,000 attend school, and middle and high schools can attend up to two-thirds of all students.

[설지욱/중학생 : 전면 등교 예정이었는데 확진자가 많이 나오면서 전환됐다고 (안내받았어요.) 다음 주부터 종업식까지 온라인으로 진행한다고.]

In the case of elementary schools in Seoul, the density standard has been further strengthened so that two of the 3rd to 6th graders go to school and 2nd graders attend online classes every day.

Non-metropolitan areas are slightly different from region to region, and while the Jeonbuk region maintains full attendance, some elementary schools in Gyeongnam have entered early vacation.

Parents are confused by the frequently changing school policy.

[최 모 씨/학부모 : 계속 바뀌니까 어떤 때는 3분의 1 오라고 했다가, 어떨 땐 3분의 2 오라고 했다가 전면 등교하라고 했다가…. 이번에는 (학교 재량으로) 교육부 지침이랑 상관없이 전면 등교를 한다고.]

Vaccinations will begin this week, centered on schools in the metropolitan area.

In addition, regarding the introduction of the youth quarantine pass, the government is planning to hold a meeting with academy organizations today to discuss improvement measures.

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