The curling mixed-double team couldn’t get over the last hump… Frustration to Beijing


▲ Curling Mix Doubles National Team Minji Kim and Kijeong Kijeong

The Korean mixed-double curling team, who tried to advance to the Olympics for the second time in a row, missed the ticket to Beijing right before their eyes.

The mixed-double team, paired with Ki-Jeong Lee and Min-Ji Kim, lost to Australia 6-5 in the last match of the play-off match of the Beijing Olympics final qualifier held in the Netherlands today (10th).

The national team, which entered the playoffs with 2nd place in Group B (5 wins and 1 loss), defeated Hungary, 3rd place in Group A, to advance to the final match and aim for Beijing.

In Group A, against Australia, who came first in the final match with six wins, they raised hopes 4-2 to the 5th end, but lacked a back spirit.

After conceding 3 points in the 6th end and allowing the first comeback 5 to 4, in the 7th end, he applied for ‘Power Play’, a multi-scoring operation, and only scored one point, and was put into a corner.

In the last 8 end, 5-5, the national team did their best to the last in the disadvantage of pitching first, but the last shot of Australia hit our stone in the center of the target, and defeat was gradually confirmed.

The Australian players who decided to go to Beijing shed tears of joy, and our players bowed their heads in disappointment.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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