Son’s headbutt leaves a tooth gap


Ashley Graham
Son’s headbutt leaves a tooth gap

This is not how model Ashley Graham looks at the moment.

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Model Ashley Graham, who is heavily pregnant with twins, has had an incisor knocked out. Her wildly raging son is to blame for this.

Dental emergency with US model Ashley Graham (34)! She is actually preparing for the upcoming birth of her twins. But now she had to deal with a knocked out front tooth, as she announced in an Instagram story.

In the photo posted, the gap in her teeth can be clearly seen in her open mouth. Graham wrote: “Isaac gave me a headbutt and my tooth broke off”. With a “Happy Hump Day!” (German: “Happy Huckel Day!”) She also alluded to the rest of her original tooth, which can still be seen in the gap.

Soon there will be five of them

Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin is the 23 month old son of Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin. The couple has been married since 2010.

In the middle of September, Graham had in an Instagram video announces that she is expecting twins. In the short clip, she showed how she and her husband review two positive pregnancy tests and then learn during an ultrasound appointment that they are expecting two boys. Graham burst out laughing and couldn’t believe that she would soon be the mother of three boys.


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