Russia’s General Chief of Staff: “The rumors of invasion of Ukraine are false…Moving troops within the country is routine”


Russia has repeatedly insisted that it is not preparing for an invasion of the Ukrainian border mobilization.

According to Interfax and Rianovosti news agency, Russian Army Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov strongly refuted the rumors of Russia’s preparations for invasion of Ukraine in a briefing with foreign military officers stationed in Moscow.

He argued that “NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries are paying too much attention to the movement of troops within Russian territory,” he said.

“There is no need to notify[foreign countries]of military activities in the country,” he said, adding that “the rumors that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine that are spreading in the media are false.”

Previously, the US and Ukraine claimed that Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine early next year by deploying about 100,000 troops and weapons to the border with Ukraine.

In response, Gerasimov argued that Ukrainian forces were intensifying their military activities in the Donbas region and worsening the situation.

He said, “The Ukrainian military has announced that it has started using the US-supported anti-tank missile ‘Javelin’ in Donbas, and is also using a Turkish reconnaissance and attack drone (drone). There is,” he emphasized.

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